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keskiviikko, 20. helmikuu 2013

Kulttuuri ja kielet


Once upon a time..

A cat :I.m a cat.

A dog :I.m a dog.

A rabbit :Im a rabbit.

A cat and A dog : Shut up!

A rabbit :I do not.

A cat and A dog.: Why do not you shut up?

A rabbit : so..

A rabbit: Will you play tennis?

A cat and A dog : yeah. When?

A rabbit : clock two.

in the evening.

A rabbit : Do you come play tennis?

A cat : yes, if we reach free!

A rabbit : But you are free!?

A  cat and A dog : I not be!

A rabbit : do you not cheat?

A cat and A dog : we do not cheat!

 A rabbit : come here!

A cat and A dog : okay.

A rabbit : what on earth?

A cat and A dog : so just!

A rabbit : goes a doctor?

A cat and A dog : do not go

A rabbit : why not go?

A cat and A dog  : no, I don’t want!!

A rabbit : Tell me why?

A cat and  A dog : we have a resin in the hands. we are caught in each other.

A rabbit :shut up! We go to doctor now.

A cat and dog : okay.

A rabbit : Let go.

A cat and A dog : okay. We coming.

They go the doctor house.

A horse : hey! How I can help you?

A cat, A dog  and A rabbit : hey horse! We are caught in each other.

A horses : Let go! I help you.

A cat , A dog and A rabbit : what are you doing?

 A horses : I put this substance!

A rabbit : ok. Do it hurts?

A horse: No, it not hurts.

A cat and A dog : yippee.

A horses : quietly!

A cat and A dog :  okay. It not hurts. Now we are free! Thank you doctor! bye bye!

A horses : bye bye

the end

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